TimberWrap Plus Lumber Wrap


Forestry Packaging

Tri Pac Inc. produces packaging products for the forestry industry made of high-quality woven plastic material and offers competitively priced lumber wrap and hoods with quick turn-around time and custom sizing options.

Our lumber wrap and woven hoods are a quality solution for your shipping and storage protection needs. Woven lumber wraps and hoods can be customized for your brand, displaying printed designs that get you brand exposure plus help with product recognition during storage and deliveries. Learn more about Tri Pac’s forestry packaging products today.



Your brand will look its best during transportation and in the yard by utilizing 24 months UVI protection treatment.

TimberWrap Plus’ tighter 8×8 weave pattern adds strength to the product while ensuring less chance of tearing under stress.  Micro-perforation allows treated lumber to breathe lets humidity equalize inside the package to keep the product fresh and clean.


Printed lumber covers offer customers easy lumber cover application plus a strong advertising platform for market branding. Tri Pac Inc. provides various customization options allowing for a number of different lumber wrap designs. Lumber covers protect wood products and lumber, ensuring they are shielded from the elements during the shipping process and arrive safely to your customers.

Beyond providing protection, Tri Pac Inc. printed lumber covers offer an advertising opportunity. The customer’s print and design can be applied to the lumber cover, conveying branding, quality, and differentiating from the competition.

To meet the needs of our customers, Tri Pac Inc. focuses on quality; quality print design and quality plastic.



Tri Pac Inc. offers custom sewn lumber covers for sawn lumber and lumber products. This is an ideal choice for mills and yards because lumber covers are sewn to be form fitting and can offer protection while the product is in transit or being stored in inventory. Sewn lumber covers are available with print customizations or without print, as well as a selection of material for the end of the package.

Plywood Covers

Protect your plywood shipment. Tri Pac Inc. offers plywood covers that are sewn from woven material and designed to be a form-fitting plywood packing solution.


Woven Lumber Bags

A woven lumber bag is a great choice for packing large pallets or products with extensive widths or heights. Tri Pac Inc. woven lumber bags are heat-sealed or sewn, and are offered in a variety of plastic options and designs.

Like all Tri Pac Inc. products, woven lumber bags are manufactured from high-quality materials.


Clear end lumber covers are a newer product to the market. This is an ideal product for companies who want to protect lumber or wood products while and maintain a clear view of the product.

The product can be seen through transparent end panels which means the product is visible in the sawmill and as its being delivered the customers. Additionally, inventory tracking can benefit from clear end covers.


Siding Covers

Tri Pac Inc. manufacturers siding covers which offer protection during post-production and shipping. Siding shipping covers are a cost-effective solution to packaging pallets of siding for shipment to the consumer. Siding covers are available in the style of Sewn Pallet Covers or on a roll with the V Style Pallet Covers. Both options resist tears and provide protection from moisture.


1/2″ Crown, 5/8″ Staple & 1″ Cap Stapler

Tri Pac’s Disc Stapler saves time and money when installing felt paper and house wrap. Drives 21 gauge 1/2″ crown, 5/8″ staples with plastic caps in tandem.


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