Packaging Applications

Forestry Packaging

Our line of forestry packaging products for lumber include our premium-grade TimberWrap Plus lumber wrap and hood covers. Tri Pac Inc. produces woven covers made of proprietary, patent-pending, high-quality plastic material and offers competitively priced lumber covers, quick turn-around time and custom sizing options. Learn more about woven wraps and bags today.

Food Product Packaging for Plum Mighty 4

Food Products

Consumers continue to show a growing preference for flexible and convenient food packaging. Tri Pac offers a broad range of products to enhance the recognition of brands on the store shelf. For high-quality print, complex graphics, high barrier, and re-closable packages, Tri Pac has the answer.

Pet Foods

Ensuring your packaging creates a high impact while on the shelf is critical to your pet food brand’s success. Tri Pac can help to differentiate your brand from the competition by using high impact processed print and innovative packaging solutions. With so many advanced food formulas on the market, there’s a need for the advanced barrier properties to help keep your pet food fresher for longer.  Using the latest plastic manufacturing technology, we can ensure that the palatability of food is maintained.



Nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium based fertilizers can be packaged using our open-mouth, tubular and form fill and seal bags.

Dry Food

Food products such as flour, sugar, salt, dried fruit, nuts, etc. can be packaged using our open mouth and form fill and seal bags.



Granular products such as sand, sugar, salt, and other granular substances can be packaged using our open mouth and form fill and seal bags.

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